Who am i ? Christopher Simonne …

    Artistic wedding films

    What started as a hobby during my holidays, quickly became an impossible passion to satisfy.

    After several stops on the right and left, here I am in the Alps, far from the sea but still as close to my camera. I thank my family and friends for always supporting me in my decisions.

    Arrived in the world of wedding movies by chance, I quickly understood the power that a movie can have to convey emotions, I knew right away that I was hooked.


    I film your joys, your cries, your laughter, I look for the best possible chemistry to make each time a unique film, full of emotions and love.

    Every encounter and every wedding is a creative challenge where every element and every person has its importance in the story.

    Finally, I don’t just want to be one of your providers, I want to accompany and help you, make you feel comfortable, make you laugh. This alchemy is necessary to make my film the most beautiful of all stories, yours.