My philosophy

    A unique wedding movie

    My films are all different, I adapt to the place and the atmosphere. whether it's an intimate wedding, an elopement, a large-scale wedding, trendy, natural, hippy, wild or bohemian, I will follow you everywhere! i likes to know my brides and grooms, their passions, their history, their lifestyle, their tastes.

    Everything is done to create a unique and personalized film that reflects your image. I seek inspiration in the human and originality.

    Before even editing your film, I spend hours on music and voices, in order to create a framework that will make sense to you. Then, I apprehend each wedding as if I were going to make the most beautiful of my films. i does not make wedding videos but "films" with a real artistic and timeless touch.

    I like to be inspired by the places, the colours, the men and women who revolve around you.
    Firstly, I love couples who marry as they wish, couples full of love, loving life and enjoying it.

    Secondly, a wedding film is not limited to filming preparations or speeches, each element can have its own importance in the story..

    Moreover, you probably want more than a wedding service provider but also a reassuring person, knowing how to advise and guide you so that you can make the most of your day.

    Finally, I don't attend weddings every week, preferring quality over quantity. I want each of my films to be perfect and worked on. Lets know first of all, let's talk about wedding or video over a drink or by phone, let's see if it works and if it does...

    Services and Wedding Formulas

    I propose you to film your wedding, my minimum presence will be from the beginning of the preparations until the end of the evening.

    Before that, I will first take as much information as possible to understand the wedding day as well as possible.

    Then comes the moment of the editing where I work on the voices, the music and I create a unique story in your image.

    My main formula includes my presence on D-Day.

    But a wedding is not always limited to the day you expect from your union. It is possible to add my presence the day before or the next day for brunch!

    In addition, I propose several options, which I let you discover, such as the restitution of all the speeches, the entire ceremony…

    Emotion / Authenticity

    The human being is the basis of the profession of wedding videographer.

    Putting the relational above all to better understand and restore each moment and each emotion.