Your wedding / your story

    A unique film for an authentic story

    Welcome to their worlds
    The day of their wedding, that special day when they united. It's not a coincidence, a story brought them together.
    Each film is timeless and clean to the special atmosphere of each place, each couple ...

    Your wedding film is more than just a video.
    You are a reflection of this long-awaited day.
    Therefore, my greatest inspiration is you.
    Be natural but with passion and madness.

    My story

    I film your joys, your tears, your laughs, I’m looking for the best alchemy possible to make each time a unique wedding film, filled with emotion and love.

    My philosophy

    I like to know my bride and groom, their story, their passions, their lifestyle and their tastes. Everything is done to create a unique wedding film customized to your image. I am looking for inspiration in the human and originality.

    Learn more

    You want to talk about your project and know if we are compatible to make the most beautiful memories together. Contact me.